Ignoring Global Warming at Our Peril

When nuclear plants in Europe cease operating because overheated river water can no longer cool them down, you know we’re engaging in climate brinkmanship. Yet our president insists that a bailout for failing coal plants, stepped-up oil and gas extraction on our public lands, a green light for gas-guzzling cars and a pass for super-polluting “glider” trucks are just what we need to make America great again.

In distancing America from the Paris climate accord, President Trump has delivered a demoralizing insult to the many nations that already feel the dire effects of global warming and have committed to do something about it. Here at home, he leads a myopic club of Republican politicians who have made rejection of climate change a litmus test of party loyalty.

How many more wildfires will sweep across our own and others’ lands, and how many millions around the world will endure the debilitating, often deadly ravages of stifling summer temperatures before Americans show some bipartisanship in standing up to our president’s folly?

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