A Smorgasbord of Solutions for Global Warming

Thinking about Earth Day, I did a Google search for “global warming solutions.” Up popped a slew of “what you can do” lists from leading scientific and environmental organizations. When I dug in, however, I found the suggestions rather general — “reduce emissions,” “stop deforestation,” “consume less,” “be efficient,” “eat smart.” The lists were also […]

Ignoring Global Warming at Our Peril

When nuclear plants in Europe cease operating because overheated river water can no longer cool them down, you know we’re engaging in climate brinkmanship. Yet our president insists that a bailout for failing coal plants, stepped-up oil and gas extraction on our public lands, a green light for gas-guzzling cars and a pass for super-polluting […]

Clueless on Global Warming

For the second time in six weeks, President Bush, having rejected the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, is headed to Europe without a strategy on global warming, an issue of deep concern to America’s allies. European leaders will try to use the forthcoming Group of Eight summit meeting of industrialized nations in Genoa to persuade […]